Platteville High School Scholarship Fund

About The Fund

The mission of the PHS Scholarship Fund is to provide higher education scholarships for Platteville High School graduates.

The Fund was founded in 2010 after a study by members of the Platteville Community Fund Advisory Board revealed that scholarship support for Platteville students was significantly less than that for students at Wisconsin peer schools. The study also highlighted the issue of rising college costs.

The PHS Scholarship Fund is led by an advisory board comprised of Platteville citizens. The Board leads fundraising efforts and determines the annual scholarship awards.

The PHS Scholarship Fund aims to provide significant levels of scholarships for Platteville High School graduates while also building endowments to ensure future funding. Ultimately, the Fund hopes to reach a point where all deserving student applicants receive scholarships to pursue their post-secondary dreams.

Donors are recognized in school and Fund communications, on the school Web page, in appropriate handouts, and on wall displays in the school. Major donors are identified with specific scholarships and projects. Donors may establish named funds, subject to the approval of the PHS Scholarship Fund Advisory Board. Scholarship awards are publicly announced in the spring of each year.

About Our Awards

The named funds listed below are components of the PHS Scholarship Fund:
  • Carmen and Eva Beining Scholarship
  • Bob and Louise Brockman Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Helen Stoneman Brodbeck Scholarship
  • O.J. Clayton Scholarship
  • Dr. Ralph and Madge Day Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Emily Farnum Scholarship
  • It Takes a Village Endowed Scholarship
  • Albert E. and George H. Kettler Scholarship
  • Fern E Klar Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank and Dona Lofy Tribute to St. Mary School Scholarship
  • Everett and Esther McReynolds Scholarship
  • Platteville Educators Endowed Scholarship
  • Milton R Rewey Endowed Scholarship
  • Schaefer Family Farm Endowed Scholarship
  • James T Schneller Sr Memorial Scholarship
  • Cindy Tang Scholarship
  • Tranel Family Scholarship
  • Tribute to St. Mary School Endowed Scholarship
  • Nancy Ware Scholarship
  • Elgie M. Ward Scholarship
  • Gene and Jan Weber Family Scholarship
  • Agnes “Tip” Ziegert Scholarship Fund
  • Henry C. Ziegert Scholarship Fund
Click here for a list of all scholarships available to Platteville High School students
Annual grant application deadline: March 1

Invest In Your Community

Donations to the Platteville High School Scholarship Fund are welcome at any time of the year. All gifts are tax deductible. Mail a check to this address, or click the button to donate online.
PHS Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 46
Platteville, WI 53818

Please designate your gift to one of the following: PHS Scholarship Endowment Fund; Current Class Award; Any of the funds listed on this page.

CFSW Contact

Sarah Photo
Sarah Latimer
Phone: (608)758-0883 ext 7010

Advisory Board Members

The Fund is advised by a committee of community volunteers who initiate fundraising activities and determine grant awards:

Sheila Kelley, Chair
Cindy Tang, Co-Chair
Angie Wright, Secretary
Jordan Holthaus
Joe Lyght
Zehra Muslu
Eileen Nickels
Ryan Weigel

Ex-Officio Members:
Gene Weber, Special Consultant
Laura Melby, High School Counselor
Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso, High School Counselor
Megan Hall, Student
Lauren Wernimont, Student
Jonah Vorwald, Student
Katherine Leahy, Student
Rowan Chmielewski, Student
Jacob Crase, Principal
Jim Boebel, Superintendent