Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Riders Association Scholarship


About this fund

This fund is to provide for post high school educational opportunities for young people who are members of Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Riders Association. Grants, in the form of scholarships, are given for tuition at an accredited educational institution, or for fees, books, supplies and equipment required for courses at the educational institution.


Scholarships up to $1,500 are available for attendance at educational institutions, recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS, and are not limited to any particular field of study. Education institution must be at least a two year accredited college, university or technical school. Payment shall be made after successful completion with a 3.0 GPA of the first semester of post high school study. Reapplication is necessary for consideration of multiple year award.


Selection shall be based on pre-established guidelines for eligibility which include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic performance while in high school; or current G.P.A.;
  • Recommendation from instructors and/or guidance counselors; and leaders of the Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Riders Association affiliate;
  • Financial need;
  • Youth membership in a local or regional affiliate of the Organization with at least two (2) years, and at least 25 rides of 25 miles each.

Application Procedure

  1. Download application, fill out, then print and mail.
  2. Each applicant should request a transcript to be included with the application.
  3. Applicants must write a short statement (no more than 500 words) which summarizes information about their background, financial needs, goals, community service, and interests.
  4. A family financial data form, or similar document validating financial need, must be included and will be kept confidential with the Community Foundation.


All required documents must be filed with the Community Foundation no later than November 18.


Contact Jackie Ommodt, CFSW Grants & Scholarships Manager, at [email protected] or (608) 314-2672.

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