Fee Schedule

Like funds held by all community foundations, those held by the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin are charged a minimal annual service fee.

In exchange for this fee, donors receive a variety of benefits:

  • Professional investment management overseen by the CFSW Board of Directors.
  • Our professional staff’s knowledge and expertise in grant-making. This includes knowledge of the community and its needs. This information is shared with our donor advised fund holders and others.
  • Due diligence for grant awards assuring that the recipient is a certified 501(c) 3 organization.

Fees are charged quarterly and are based on each Fund’s average market value using the average of 12 trailing quarters. For example, consider a scholarship account that began with a balance of $10,000 three years (12 quarters) ago but with additions and investment returns is worth $30,000 today. The fee does not take into account the full growth of the fund but looks only at the fund’s average over three years. Let’s say that average is $20,000. At 1.5 percent, the annual fee for this scholarship would be $300. The quarterly withdrawal is $75.

Fee Schedule

Fund TypePercentage
* A $250 annual minimum fee applies in lieu of the 5% fee if fees generated annually are less than $250. Fees on funds raised are charged monthly.
Donor Advised1.5%
Field of Interest1.25%
Special Project/Fundraising*5% of gifts received

Fee Reduction

Fund BalanceFee Reduction
Community Funds are charged 1.00%
$500,000 - $1 million.25%
$1 million - $2 million.25%
Above $2 million.25%

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